How to Dry Swedish Dishcloths Flat

Are your reusable Swedish dishcloths constantly curling up rather than lying flat? Here's a useful trick for drying them quickly and easily: punch one or two holes in the top of the dishcloth, then hang it from a small hook or nail on the wall.

swedish dishcloths cellulose scrubber

For extra protection against curling when it comes time to wash your Swedish Dishcloth, put the cloths on the uppermost rack of your dishwasher to wash. Simply remove from your dishwasher when clean and hang on a hook or on top of a towel to dry flat.

Whether you wash your cloth by hand or use a dishwasher, you'll ensure that your reusable Swedish dishcloths look like new every time! 

These durable cloths truly are the unsung hero of kitchen cleaning.

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